Alice K. Boatwright

Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage

How many years does it take for a war to end?  

Collateral DamageCollateral Damage brings together stories from the perspectives of those who fought, those who resisted, and the family and friends caught in the crossfire of the Vietnam War.

1968: Getting Out – A young sailor risks death rather than take part in a war he doesn’t believe in.

1982: If I Should Stay – A decade later, a Thanksgiving celebration is overshadowed by the impact of a war that divided the family.

1993: Leaving Vietnam – Two decades later, Vietnam reopens to the West, and an angry, grieving sister goes there to see the country where her brother died – and make her own peace.

Although the Vietnam War ended in 1975, the issues it raised about who goes to war, who doesn’t, and why, as well as the consequences for them and the people who love them, are ones that we unfortunately continue to face today.

“These are engrossing stories told with considerable artistry, full of recognition and sympathy.”
—Diane Johnson, author of The Shadow Knows

“In short, it’s brilliant… an amazing product of that unfortunate waste [Vietnam], on par with, yet completely different from, that Vietnam War masterpiece, The Things They Carried.”
—Curtis Dawkins, author of The Graybar Hotel

Cover photo: Angeli Kirk