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Alice K. Boatwright
Photo credit: Maria Aragon

Sea, Sky, Islands by Alice K. Boatwright
Sea, Sky, Islands (Noontime Books, 2019)

In these stories about life in the San Juan Islands, a lonely teacher, an islander in love, and a young couple trying to keep their dreams afloat all draw strength from the sea, sky, and islands.

What Child Is This by Alice K. Boatwright
What Child Is This? (Ellie Kent mystery, book 2) (Cozy Cat Press, 2017)

Ellie Kent is looking forward to her first English village Christmas, but a missing Oxford student and an abandoned baby soon draw her away from the fireside into danger.

Under an English Heaven by Alice K. Boatwright
Under an English Heaven (Ellie Kent mystery, book 1) (Cozy Cat Press, 2014)

Love brings the skeptical Ellie Kent from California to a village in the Cotswolds as the vicar’s new wife; but death keeps her guessing how long she will be there.

Collateral Damage by Alice K. Boatwright
Collateral Damage (Standing Stone Books, 2012)

Collateral Damage brings together stories of the Vietnam War from the perspectives of those who fought, those who resisted, and the family and friends caught in the crossfire between them.