Alice K. Boatwright

Ellie Kent Mysteries

American Ellie Kent finds marriage can be a dangerous proposal when she moves with her new husband to his English village. With more than 400 reviews from readers around the world, this new series has already generated a strong following.

Under an English Heaven - an Ellie Kent Mystery by Alice K. Boatwright


Under an English Heaven 

Life brings the skeptical Ellie Kent from her academic job in California to a village in the Cotswolds as the vicar’s new wife; but death keeps her guessing how long she will be there.



What Child Is This? An Ellie Kent Mystery, Coming in 2017


What Child Is This? 

It’s Christmas in Little Beecham . . . a season to celebrate with caroling, mistletoe, and mince pies. Ellie Kent is looking forward to her first English village Christmas, but a missing Oxford student and an abandoned baby soon draw her away from the fireside into danger.